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Canary Islands

Gran Canaria is the 3rd largest island in the Canary Islands. It is interesting that this island was created by volcanic activity and thanks to this you will find beautiful diverse nature. Stable climatic conditions throughout the year are also its great advantages. The air flow results in year-round warm and sunny weather in the southern part of the island (here is our accommodation) than in the north.

If you are a citizen of a state belonging to the European Union, all you need to do to travel to Gran Canaria is an identity card, as the entire Canary Islands are part of Spain. The official language is Spanish, but there is no problem to speak English anywhere. The local currency is the euro and in many places you can use your credit card to pay and there are also many ATMs.

Benefits of the destination

  • stable climate, favorable year-round temperature conditions
  • island diversity - mountains, beaches, forests, deserts, towns, villages, etc.
  • high security
  • is suitable for all ages
  • a large number of beaches
  • direct flights from many airports
  • easy communication in English in all places
  • part of the European Union - no EU passport is required for EU members;
Mango Gran Canaria Map