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Puerto de Mogán

Roque Nublo

Natural monument of ancient importance is located in the center of the village of Tejeda on the island of Gran Canaria. Roque Nublo is considered one of the world's largest natural gorges. This ravine of volcanic origin rises eighty meters above its base and 1,813 meters above sea level - it is of special importance to islanders as the old place of worship of the natives. The whole environment was declared a protected nature area in 1987 and became a rural park seven years later. Its vast height is surpassed only by the height of the Las Nieves peak, with 1,949 meters, the highest point of Gran Canaria.

Puerto de Mogán

Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas

The beauty and diversity of ecosystems make Dunas de Maspalomas a unique landscape across the Canary Islands. The government of the Canary Islands takes care of the protection of this special nature reserve following the Playa de Inglés beach. The area of 400 hectares includes a beautiful beach, a field of living dunes made up of organic sand grains, a palm grove and a slightly salty water lagoon. The combination of desert and oasis is located on the southernmost tip of the coast of Gran Canaria and is surrounded by the famous hotel facilities of the large Maspalomas tourist center.

Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is one of the most romantic places in Gran Canaria. It is also called "Canary Venice". You will find charming narrow streets intertwined with natural canals, traditional white houses decorated with shutters of different colors, as well as many great restaurants. Thanks to the good location of the port you can watch a beautiful sunset.

Puerto de Mogán

Las Palmas

We also recommend visiting the capital city, mainly the city center. There are many historical monuments. Visit the part of Vegueta, where you can find the Columbus House, and if you are here late in the evening, soak up the atmosphere at traditional tapas evenings, which are every Thursday from about 20h or 21h. . It is now one of the largest marine aquariums Poema del Mar.



Poema del Mar

The giant aquarium in the capital Las Palmas is a relatively new attraction, which was opened at the end of 2017. You will see in close proximity in the glass corridors over 350 species of marine animals. It is one of the largest aquariums in Europe.

Palmitos Park

ZOO with an area of over 200 000 m2, which offers countless species of animals, exotic plants, palms and much more. The parrot show or dolphin and other shows will also provide entertainment.

Teror and other traditional villages 

One of the oldest towns on the island, every Sunday there is a traditional market (from morning). The town is smaller in size, but you will find here a beautiful traditional historical center, around which you will find many streets with traditional houses. The beautiful Virgen del Pino Basilica is also in the center. We also recommend Arucas (church of San Juan Bautista), Firgas (mosaic stairs of Paseo de canarias).

Bandama Caldera

Visit the volcanic caldera Bandama. Explosions of hot groundwater caused an incredible formation in the shape of a circle with a diameter of thousands of meters. Bandama is located in the northeast of the island. On a 170-meter descent into the caldera, you can see the caves that were once used by the indigenous people.


Pico de Las Nieves

The highest point of the island in its very center. It offers stunning views from 1,949 meters to a large part of the island and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with endless deep gorges and sharp rocks covered with vegetation and crowned volcanic peaks of wondrous shapes.

Mirador del Balcon viewpoint

Created at the edge of the cliff, this view offers stunning views. It is close to Tamadaba National Park.

Parque Natural Tamadaba

National park full of typical pine forests, where you can find hiking trails. On your way here, we recommend stopping at Mirador del Balcon.

Playa de Güigüi

A unique natural beach that is untouched by people. The beach will not get easily, because you have to take a demanding 2.5 hour hike through the terrain, so have a sufficient supply of water and sunscreen, but the result is definitely worth it.



Near Teror is also the town of Arucas with a very nice church San Juan Bautista. Arucas also comes from the local Canary Rum and there is an original 19th-century factory open to the public.

Puerto Rico

A city that develops more and more every year. There are many restaurants, bars, shops, shopping centers, minigolf and the like. Situated very close to the accommodation in Taurus, we recommend that you walk through the city to the harbor, where you can enjoy a beautiful view.




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